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Technical SEO Services

You wouldn’t build a house without laying the required foundations first. SEO is no different. As a Technical SEO consultant and freelancer, I lay all of these foundations necessary to win those lucrative top spots in the search engine results pages (SERPs) so your customers and visitors can find your business.

The foundations of any SEO strategy and campaign

Technical SEO Services

Search engines are getting smarter. There are so many ranking factors these day to determine where a webpage i placed on the search engine results page (SERP’s). It’s no longer just the amount of backlinks you have or the keywords within your meta titles and descriptions that determines where you’re ranking – it runs way deeper than that.

Search engines factor in everything when ranking sites, such as high-quality content, user-friendly experience, mobile performance and webpage load times. This only means that that for any modern website to succeed, they must have a solid foundation in place. 

Technical SEO services isn’t the most glamorous work…but it is one of the most important parts of any search engine optimisation campaign. Just like a house needs solid groundwork as a foundation, so does your technical SEO. This will form the underlying pillars supporting the whole of your SEO efforts, hence why getting the fundamentals in place as early as possible is key to your websites performance and for helping it rank well organically.

As a technical SEO consultant and specialist, I bring all of these geeky little optimisations together which allows for a sleek, well-optimised website that is able to skyrocket the search engine results page and rank above and beyond your competition. All of these little nuances is what I get excited about, and its this exact process that will elevate your websites performance and deliver your required results.

Getting your house in order

Technical Site Audits

This is where we deep dive under the hood of your website by digging into all of those small details to gain insights into the performance of your website. I will inspect and correct every pillar of your technical SEO and ensure they are well-optimised and configured correctly. This will include:

Who wants to wait around for a slow loading website...

Speed optimisation

It’s confirmed…page loading time is a ranking factor for Google. The top search engines know that a websites speed can is a factor for user experience, so if you wanted to do well in the search engine results pages (SERP’s), then you got to have a website that loads super fast, particularly on mobile.

My background in web development sets me in perfect footing to identify and feed back on issues affecting your page loading times, and ways to improve this.

Want me to do this for you? No worries, I also have a speed optimization service that will lift your website into the upper quartile of webpage loading times to boost your user experience and rankings with Google.

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Enrich search results with language search engines love

structured data markup

We need to feed search engines some additional vocabularies, passing additional information to the search engines so that they can understand important pieces of content on our page.

By implementing structured data markup code across your website, I can enhance your website visibility and click-through rates thanks to the additional information we’re now passing through to the search engines.

Insights into your competitive landscape

Competitor Analysis

Through the use of various SEO tools, I can snoop around and highlight the competitor presence in your industry. Here you will gain leading insights into the broad and niche competition, along with all of the pointers and gaps between your website and the competitions.

This research into your competition will include;

The 'lifeblood' determining your SEO performance

Backlink Analysis

At this point, we shouldn’t have to stress the importance that backlinks play on the performance of your SEO campaign. My backlink analysis will provide an in-depth review of your backlink profile and will help to identify the origin and the source of every link pointing to your website.

This will uncover potentially toxic links that can damage your SEO efforts as well as highlight opportunities that will form a great starting point for any off-page link building campaign.

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Learn more about my technical SEO

Bespoke, Monthly SEO Packages

Looking for a technical SEO specialist to manage the whole process for your business? My affordable monthly SEO packages are tailored to suit any business, large or small, and will ensure that your SEO campaign see’s the growth your business deserves.


Find out how my Technical SEO Services Can Help You

The landscape is a fierce place in the world of SEO. No matter the industry or niche you are in, there is going to be competition trying to outrank you for those lucrative top positions in the organic SERPs.

As a technical SEO expert, it’s my job to ensure you have a solid foundation and a continuous improvement in your rankings to drive your businesses traffic, leads and sales and grow your business.