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Website Speed Optimisation

It’s confirmed: website speed is now a ranking factor for Google. I will optimise your website for peak performance with lightening fast page load times that will dramatically improve your user experience so that Google and the other search engines will love you.

website speed optimisation

Blazing-fast page load times... super high user experience

Lightening speed is the name of the game

There are so many factors that can impact your page load times. From the most fundamentals, such as a fast web host and CDN, to the nitty and gritty behind the scenes stuff like minimising external scripts and combining and minifying Javascript and CSS files.

In the world of blazing-fast page loading times, every fraction of a second counts. Studies have shown that site loading speeds of more than 2 seconds usually results in around 47% of visitors bouncing and leaving the website. And if you’re running an e-commerce site, this drops even more to just 1 second, with e-commerce visitors the most impatient of the lot.

These website load times are incredibly tight and an unrelenting metric that most websites can’t afford to get wrong. 

With my background in WordPress development, I can optimise your website to perform at the very peak of what is possible. This means the very best user experience for each user on your website, and the very best user experience in the eyes of Google is a big ranking factor for your SEO performance and organic rankings.

Page loading times that command high user experience

The Process of unlocking your website speed

There are a number of ways to improve the speed of your website. Some can be resolved through the clever use of code, plugins and server optimisations. Others can be a little more difficult from a developer perspective like me. Often the biggest factors of a slow loading website is your hosting,  along with badly coded wordpress themes that are sluggish and slow.

Although these cant be resolved through my speed optimisations, I will leave every clear recommendation on ways you can reduce your time and effort in improving these speed areas.

I will improve your website loading speed using the below techniques and processes;

Blazing-fast page load times... super high user experience

Putting user experience front and center

There are of course a number of reasons any website or business would want to improve their page loading times. The gains in speed can benefit your SEO performance, your position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and reduce your website bandwidth and data usage.

But the number one reason you would want to improve your website page speed still remains to be to improve user experience. When your website loads in lightening fast times, users will be able to enjoy everything on your website instead of becoming frustrated waiting for pages and content to load. Improving your customer experience will lead to returning customers, repeat business, reduce bounce rate, and increase conversions.

The cost for me to resolve your slow loading website will more than pay for itself once you factor in all of these benefits. It’s a no brainer if you ask me, with it becoming increasingly unacceptable in these modern times to have a slow loading website.


Find out how I can help your Website speed

I go crazy for every millisecond I can squeeze out of a websites page loading time.

If your website is a little on the sluggish side and could do with some heavy optimisations to increase page loading times, user experience and SEO performance, then get in touch and let’s see how I can help!