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Ecommerce SEO Services

Running an ecommerce business? My affordable ecommerce SEO services can leap frog you ahead of your competition for maximum visibility and return on investment.  By not investing in your SEO today, you are only stunting the growth of your business tomorrow

Ecommerce SEO Specialist

What Is Ecommerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO services still involve all of the core concepts of any technical SEO campaign. But additionally, it is the process of optimising product pages, category pages and other lower funnel pages to rank as high as possible on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Just some of the tasks which help your pages to rank well include optimising product page titles, descriptions, the plethora of meta data, internal linking, as well as the breadcrumbs and navigational structure. When implemented correctly, this will help to attract inquisitive visitors and new customers from all levels of your sales funnel.

As an ecommerce SEO specialist, I create killer e-commerce SEO campaigns that put your products in front of your target customers, and ahead of your competition. You don’t want to forget about your other pages though: non-product orientated pages should also have the same focus, with the same on-page optimisations, to rank for related long-tail and semantic keywords

Killer Ecommerce SEO services that gets your products in front of your customers

Did You know…

Ecommerce SEO is the most sustainable approach for online stores & brands

Coming from an e-commerce SEO consultant who owns a successful e-commerce business, trust me when I say – SEO is the one digital marketing strategy that will drive your business visibility long after your initial investments.

It is the only strategy that will continue to blossom as your business ages, and will continual to serve you a fresh flow of visitors searching for the keywords you are optimised to rank for.

As an e-commerce SEO consultant and specialist, my everyday job is to rank new and established websites, grow their rankings month on month, and keep them in those lucrative money spots in the SERPs.

As an SEO consultant and specialist, I increase your online visibility and put you in front on your target audience

Why SEO for ecommerce is key to your success

It isn’t just about optimising pages for your product keywords though. SEO for e-commerce is about answering those questions your target audience are most likely pondering over.

Naturally, the first place consumers turn to when looking for information, tips and comparisons for products is Google. In-depth keyword research will highlight these lower-funnel keywords and can then be implemented to capture customers at all stages of the buyer journey.

Engaging content that is answering pain points and addressing consumer issues is how we’re going to get customers to your site. And once they’re here, we blow them away with your killer products, copy that creates intrigue, and calls to action that motivates them to complete a purchase.

What I Do as an ecommerce SEO Specialist

Ecommerce SEO Services

The SEO landscape is a fierce place in the world of e-commerce SEO. No matter the industry you are in, there is going to be competition trying to outrank you for those lucrative top positions in the organic SERPs.

I will approach your e-commerce SEO in a way to ensure a solid foundation and a continuous rise in your ranking, and this process will involve the below steps;

Nonstop Technical Analysis

I will work with you to maintain technical excelence that will serve as the backbone of your e-commerce SEO. Large websites with complex internal link structures necessitates a continuous technical work to maintain performance in the SERPs, a regular flow of new customers to your site, and increase in sales and turnover. I pride myself on this ongoing work and overcome the challenges to keep your website in tip-top shape for accelerated growth. 

Product Page Optimisation

Your sales copy needs to sing harmonically to your visitors. Using the correct voice that motivates and drives a sale is key to converting visitors on your product pages. I will implement all of the structured data modern search engines love to give your product pages a boost, along with Call To Actions and social proof that motivates a sale. Ensuring your keywords, along with other relevant and semantic keywords, are implemented into your meta titles and descriptions will leave the search engines with no doubt about what your product pages are about and allow them to rank you better in the SERPs

Category page Optimisation

Through clever optimisations of your category pages, we can target more broader, relevent keywords outside of your product pages where there is often a lot of high-volume traffic to pick up on. Here we can help educate customers possibly a little lower down the sales funnel and drive topic authority, encourage content and product exploration and ultimately drive sales and your bottom line. I will fine-tune your category pages to perfection with smart internal linking structures and optionally off-page activities to drive page and topic authority. This will provide your visitors with a logical decision-making process that will help lead them to purchase.

Performance measured by ROI

ROI should be the key measure for any SEO campaign for e-commerce. I will optimise and report on this so that we can see where we need to focus our time and efforts, and concentrate on the money pages that drive the biggest returns. Through clever content marketing tactics, we can make this key measure the pillar of your success so that you can continue to grow and fund your business in all of the key areas

Speed Optimisation

I will work with you to ensure your website speed and performance is where it needs to be to rank above the competition. I have a deep technical understanding of the many move parts for a lightning-fast website and will feed back ways this can be improved so that your customer experience and conversion rates are exactly where they deserve to be. With Google’s new Lighthouse measures now confirmed as a ranking factor, together we will nail these key areas for ultimate user experience and website performance

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Not wanting to ignore your existing traffic that lands on your website, I will assess and identify areas that can improve your conversion rate through customer repeat purchases, upselling applicable products and cross-selling to maximise average order values. I will also assess your sales funnel and highlight the areas where visitors drop off without completing a sale. This will all add to your bottom line and continue to drive your e-commerce business


Find out how I can help your e-commerce business

The SEO landscape is a fierce and volatile place in the world of e-commerce SEO. No matter the industry you are in, there is going to be competition trying to outrank you for those lucrative top positions in the organic SERPs.

I will approach your e-commerce SEO in a way to ensure a solid foundation and a continuous rise in your ranking, and this process will involve the below steps;