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About Me

what i do and why i do it

How i got into sEO

I first started learning about SEO back when I was building websites and blogs for myself (and later for clients). Obviously SEO is super important if you ever intend on ranking organically for any keywords, so it was a sharp learning curve as I nosedived into the world of SEO.

I studied the whole technical processes of SEO through self-learning and online courses so that I could upsell my WordPress Development gigs, and it soon became my favourite part of any development job.

Not only did I love ranking new and existing websites for specific keywords, but I became very good at it. Its definitely a learning process that never stops and one thats continually evolving…and this is exactly what makes it so exciting for me!

What I've been doing since

For the past 8 years, I have built, ranked and sold several of my own websites. I also have a couple of other websites which I own, including my own eco-friendly e-commerce business at which I have been building for the past 3+ years.

All built, ranked and managed by me.

I still build WordPress websites for clients as well as some consulting work for new business owners and e-commerce brands.

But…I still love the whole world of SEO, both on and off page, so I also offer services which will both grow your online presence and generate more leads and sales through SEO

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Why work with me?

Now you know a little more about me, here are a few reasons why I think we could be a perfect match to skyrocket your online visibility, your incoming leads, and of course your sales

passion cuts through

I love what I do, and this will always shine through the work that I will be doing for you. Don’t believe me? Check out my testimonials

Guaranteed Results

I am so confident I can improve your websites visibility and rankings that I will work for free until I do. 3 months is all I need to kickstart your improvements

Results-Driven with ROI front and centre

Clearly defined results focused on a return on your investment, with realistic and achievable targets

A personal working relationship

You will be dealing with me and thats all. No big agencies and no back and forth between different people. It’s just me and you baby…and we’re in this together to take you to high places

No overpriced Agency fee's

I work from my computer in a home office space without all of the overheads that larger agencies have. I am able to pass these cost savings on to my clients so you can save on your SEO fee’s

Honesty without the 'fluff'

It’s quite simple: If I don’t think I can improve your rankings and online presence, then I will say it as it is. With a no BS approach, I’m only in the business of growing businesses. No wishful promises, and just a focus on results.

Now I've made my introduction, isn't it time you made yours?